Monday, January 25, 2010


Kids go through many different stages of play but the last few months we have a new one at our house I have never seen before! Tom's latest obsession has been setting up "robber traps" across the door to his room. I have NO idea where this idea came from, but for the last month or so, when entering his room we have encountered string of various types propped up with swords, wrapping paper tubes, and chairs; tied around bed posts, door handles and dresser knobs; and ALWAYS with a bell attached (the robber alarm). Usually there are a few stuffed animals and a rubber snake standing guard as well in case the robber gets through the first defense! Here is an example of one of his creations, though not by any means the most elaborate! I have no idea how this came to mind, but he really enjoys spending the hours intricately balancing all the items and he loves it when the bell goes off meaning he "caught" Mom trying to put his clothes away or someone trying to mess with his legos. I've noticed he hasn't been quite as diligent the last few days at setting it and more focused on creating farm and ranch corrals, so perhaps we are moving on to a new phase...

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