Monday, January 25, 2010


This past week, Heidi officially entered the double digit world with her 10th birthday! We celebrated earlier this month with her friends at a polka dot party.

We had fun with the circle punch for these decorations!The girls played Twister and other "dot" games, made polka dot bookmarks, and ate birthday cake dotted with Skittles. There is nothing like being crazy with friends!

Traditionally our family has a birthday dinner on each person's actual birthday. Heidi requested a "fancy" dinner to which we invited the cousins (and Uncle Kevin and Aunt Krista too! :)) So on Thursday the tables were set with tablecloths, flowers, and the good dishes, and the Rideout Restaurant opened for business. Here is the "middle table" with Kira, Kay, Brynn & Tom. Notice how sophistocated Kira and Kay are :)!The other table sat the adults, "big" kid, and little kids: Kevin, Krista, Elayna, Silas, Heidi, myself, and Ian.Kay did a fine job as our principle waitress. The evening opened with a salad course, with lettuce fresh from our backyard and homemade rolls. Next came grilled steak, baked potato, and green beans, followed by the finale of chocolate cake with two flavors of ice cream! My detail girl loved the little touches of using the butter knife and salad forks, and having garnishes of orange slices and parsley for the main dish servings and lime slices in the water glasses. Heidi decided it was more "restaurant like" to only blow out one candle on her own serving of cake. We had a fun evening celebrating our TEN year old!! The best part? No one was grouchy the next day because everyone even got to bed on time! It was a school night after all...


  1. You've got to be the coolest mom in Niamey! And the best neighbor.

  2. Happy Birthday, Heidi. I wish I'd been there to play twister with you... or that you'd been here to play Mission Impossible in the snow with me. Miss you!