Saturday, August 1, 2009

Summer goals: Heidi

Before vacation comes to an end, I have to get in a blog about Heidi's summer goals! We have had poor internet connection the last bit, so I'm not sure if pictures will come with this blog or not!
Heidi wanted to do a lot of projects this summer. She had made her kitchen debut this past school year, learning how to make meatloaf, and this summer she has expanded her repertoire enormously! She has made everything from lemon bars (her favorite) and brownies, to muffins and cakes, to beef stroganoff and sloppy joes! I am LOVING having her helpful hands around. This summer she has been in charge of planning and making dinner one night a week. I will miss that when school starts!!! Heidi is also very interested in creating right now, she has a sewing project, a crochet project, and a cross stitching project all underway. Her skills in all those areas continue to grow. She has worked on her watercolor painting a bit this summer too. I am proud of her creativity and desire to learn new things.

Mom's goals for Heidi this summer were to take advantage of her interest in the kitchen to show her some basic cooking and meal planning skills. We tried to give her some freedom to continue to emphasise the responsibility that comes with it. She has been shopping down the street for me, continues to take care of her bunny, and both bunnysat and "babysat" this summer. She is growing into quite a young lady!

(Oh well, pictures to come later! I give up! )


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