Sunday, July 19, 2009


Who among us has watched The Princess Bride? Since my sister is reading, I can assume at LEAST one person who will quickly grasp the meaning of my title! We have had an outbreak of ROUS-es at our house... (Rodents Of Unusual Size for those of you not fortunate to have watched the movie a million times forwards and backwards.) Here is the most frequent visitor. He even built his own house. Sometimes he has companions as well...

If he were to turn around, you could also see his tail!


  1. OF COURSE I am reading your blog and I am even so lonely for a good movie I would gladly watch PB backwards a million times all over again! (p.s. Hi Kido's... are you being good little ROUS's this summer?)

  2. glad to know someone is listening to my cyber chatter... :) we are currently into watching the tv series "monk" (on dvd of course)- very fun.

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