Sunday, August 16, 2009

First Day!

Empty nesting has officially begun, for the mornings at least. Tom is officially a kindergartener, and very proud of it as you can tell by the big smile above!! In the school parking lot, on the way to the opening assembly, he told me he didn't need to hold my hand because he was a BIG boy now, but he consented to hold Daddy's hand saying, "because you will miss me right Dad?" Kay and Heidi are now in 2nd and 5th respectively. Kay has a big class for Sahel with 18 kids in her combined 1/2 class. 16 of them are girls!!! Heidi has entered the "big leagues" of 5th grade coming home with books to cover and homework to do on the first day. They all started on Wednesday with a half day and can't wait for the end of the weekend to get back again! We are so thankful for the many staff that God has provided this year. Not only do we have all the elementary positions filled, including Bible and French, but we have been blessed with a PE teacher, an art teacher, and a music teacher! Continue to pray for the secondary as they await a key English teacher, and have several more postions including someone for the computer lab that they would like to have on the ground.


  1. they need a Jr. High English teacher and you are not going to do it? What were all those big college bucks for, anyways? You already had a guaranteed MRS. :-)

  2. we still have 2 weeks before school starts - after labor day. i'm looking forward to that forcing a real routine.

    how's the "empty nesting" going?

    hi to the kiddos from my gang.

  3. actually, with tom back for lunch, it is the best of both worlds. free morning, but don't feel really empty. it helps that he ADORES school. he is so eager to go, quite a switch from kay's first school experience at preschool.

  4. Awesome photo!! Jonathan still asks about Tom!