Monday, August 24, 2009

Details, Details...

As I interact with other people, I realize time and again what a detail person I am. Sometimes I am TOO detail oriented, too picky; I major on the minors and sweat the small stuff. But other times it is confirmed to me that God made me with an eye for details and that is a good thing! I have been reminded of this as I have read through Deuteronomy lately. What stuck out to me this time was how precise God was in his directions, particularly in making things for the tabernacle. He delineated exactly what He wanted made, what specific types of materials and colors to make things with, who was to make them, where each item was to be placed and used, who was to use each item and how, even who was to care for moving and carrying each item on the road. Now those are detailed instructions! I was reminded again that we have a VERY detailed God. He was glorified in the details. Another confirmation that my eye for details is God given has been my new job at the office. Though I have just recently started, I can already tell I will enjoy it. Why? I get to fine tune all the details: organize files, develop charts, keep records up to date, plus I am still in charge of arranging housing for newcomers which entails matching curtains and remembering to put everything from spoons to toilet paper in the house. I LOVE details! I glory in details. I am very happy when time allows me to fine tune the details. God has made me detailed, and it glorifies him. To misquote Eric Liddel, “when I organize I feel his pleasure!”


  1. Dad says that's cause you take after him!

  2. and i, for one, am so glad God made you JUST.THAT.WAY. i was trying to imagine you not being a detail person and it just doesn't work.

    miss you!