Sunday, January 23, 2011

Celebrating in Several Languages

As with many churches around the world, our church reserves one of the Sundays before Christmas for the children's Christmas program. Each age group spends weeks preparing a special presentation which ranges from a simple song for the younger crowd to self written skits or elaborately choreographed dances for the older ones. The day of the program all the children were given festive hats to wear. Here is one of my friend's beautiful little girls in the grand entrance parade down the aisle.Our church has a wide mix of people in it from countries all around West Africa to Europe, the Americas and Asia.
Kay is one of several English speakers that go to Sunday school each week. In fact, the 6 English speakers that attend Sunday school are all in her class! For this reason, for the last few years her class has decided to sing a song in English. I try to find one with simple, repetitive words that all of the class can learn quickly. (Did you ever notice how many Christmas songs have complicated vocabulary and how few use repetitive words!?) Because so much of the education system here is orally based, the children have amazing memories and their ability to pick up other languages daily puts me to shame! The day of the program, the children were all given festive hats to wear. Here are Kay and her classmate, Bright, leading the singing of the English song. In addition to the song they learned this year, they sang last year's "Go Tell It on the Mountain." Each student also memorized one verse in the Christmas story. So together they were able to recount the scripture retelling of Jesus' birth. Kay was happy that by accident, she was given the same verse she memorized last year. When you are memorizing in a second language, you need all the help you can get! She did a great job! We were proud of her!
Here are two more of Kay's classmates and our near neighbors. They are Swiss and speak French at home, but are also fluent in English.
After the program's successful completion, the kids run outside to celebrate with snacks, juice and little gifts.

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