Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Best Christmas Gift of all...

Our family was blessed with an abundance of good things this Christmas. We had fun playing croquet together after my parents sent us a new set. We spent vacation watching lots of fun family movies that various members received. Tom produced beautiful magnets for his sisters. Of course, chocolate of various shapes and sizes was found in stockings and wrapping paper.
Kay was really excited about the sewing boxes that she and Heidi received this year. They had fun putting all the sewing notions into the different little compartments.

All the kids loved the sleeping bags they got from Grammy and Papa... so warm and fuzzy!

The new keyboard was also a big hit. Heidi practices diligently and is getting really quite good. Kay loves to find the songs already programed into the keyboard and dance to them.

But the favored present of all came from Auntie Beth... No camera can capture her rapture at getting...


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