Sunday, January 23, 2011

The better to see with my dear...

Kay's teacher approached us about the middle of last semester to let us know that she and various others had given her class basic eye exams with the traditional eye chart. Four exams in a row with various people had resulted in the conclusion that Kay could only see to the second line with one of her eyes! This came as a big surprise to us; we had just had her at the doctor this summer for a check up- complete with eye exam. We are thankful for the number of services that are now available in Niger; and that an optometrist is among them! Ian took her to the eye doctor, and though the process wasn't quite the same as in the US ( it was a bit slower due to a month long vacation between the two eye appointments), Kay is now a proud member of the family four eyes club. I love this picture of my precious Kaylo. She has such a tender heart and loves to encourage others. She is also the one that keeps me on my knees as I watch her struggle being the middle child with strong emotions.

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