Sunday, March 13, 2011

7 is for Baseball

Tom's party was next in line this year. We were going to be away for a softball tournament over the weekend he turned 7, so we had the party Thursday afternoon before we left Friday morning. Appropriately enough, he wanted a baseball party, so we arranged to use the baseball field at the American Rec Center in town. (An added bonus was that I wasn't setting up or cleaning up from a party as I was packing to leave the next day!) We played tball with the kids on one team and Ian and I on the other. Because we had a wide variety of sports skill as well as a range in ages from kindergarten to second grade, the Tball worked really well. It gave all of them (and me!!) a chance to be big hitters! The kids even liked fielding the ball when it meant they could tag Mr. and Mrs. Rideout out! In between innings, we played various relay races with balls, bats, and water to cool us off! We had ordered pizza and koolaid for all the kids, and we also enjoyed Tom's base ball cake and cupcakes- chocolate of course-
and opened presents!Ian was a trooper doing more than his fair share of keeping them running while I set up food and cleaned up wrapping paper. The kids had lots of fun, I didn't have to cook dinner that night, and the kids slept well after running around and around and around the bases so they were well rested for our long trip the next day! We all won on this party!!

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