Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kay's Day Out? Up?

Many days our kids see Dad coming and going in his flight shirt, but their days are busy here, and Ian's flights are usually several hours one way, so there has not been much effort or interest for them to hop aboard with him. This year at our yearly SIM conference, however, Kay really enjoyed playing with a girl about her age who lives in Galmi (1 1/2 hour flight). Both of the girls' teachers encouraged them in the idea of a visit during the school week, so we began looking for a flight to Galmi where there was space for Kay to travel both ways and one where Ian could wait around for several hours to give the girls time to enjoy one another. It took a couple of months to find such an opportunity, but in March, the day finally arrived!
Kay was SO excited to fly with Dad! She liked looking out the window, but she LOVED talking in the headset. She came home giggling, "Daddy says I sound like his propeller; my mouth just keeps going and going... !" Miss Bookworm didn't even crack the book she brought along to pass the time. The flying was fun, but if possible, she was even MORE excited about seeing her friend, S, and going to school with her for the morning. They had a fun morning at school (Thanks to Aunt Cindy who was flexible enough to add another student to her fun activities!) and were able to eat lunch together. What a special day! It was particularly fun for Kay to visit Galmi as that is where she was born. Ever since her visit, she's been asking for a repeat ride. Unfortunately, this next school year her friend will be in the US, so it may be Tom who has the next chance to head to see his friend near Maradi...

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  1. Oh man, you should have had Kay write up her book about the whole experience...think she took it home on Friday. :)