Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ward-Forsen Genes

Ever since Tom has been born people have commented how much he looks like his Daddy. He is like his Daddy in a lot of ways: they are both fabulous artists with an eye for details, they both love liver and onions, and they both like to pester people sometimes! The haircut they share, in particular, showcases their similarities. Just a week or so ago, however, I found that though they might be buried deep, Tom does indeed have genes from his Mom's side in him as well... This picture of Tom's matchbox car carrier is all that my family will need to understand and laugh... but for the less initiated, let's just say that my sock drawer had distinct color coordinating tendencies when I was growing up. I would like to clarify that I had NOTHING to do with this arrangement. I only discovered it by accident; while shelving books in the hall, I heard him trying to decide which row the grey car went in. (After pondering, he decided, as I would have, that grey should go in the white row.) Upon questioning, Ian expressed horror at even the IDEA that he would have color coordinated toys when he was growing up, so I know I am fully to blame... or maybe I should blame his Grammy... after all it must be in the genes...

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  1. Ha! Ha! This is great. OCD parents have OCD kids! :) (My clothes are hung in my closet by colors....true confession.)