Sunday, May 17, 2009


Our kids have been counting the days until their cousins are back in country with us. They arrived in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Finally we couldn't resist going and waking them up before we ate lunch. After letting them settle in a little bit, they came over for supper last night. The kids had a ball together, literally(!!) complete with dress ups and Brynn coaching Tom on how the Prince (Tom) was supposed to dance with Cinderella (Brynn). If you are wanting your own coaching on this enchanting subject, you will have to ask Brynn for the finer details, but I gathered it was all about one of Cinderella's hands swishing the skirt around and the Prince holding her waist during the dance... Last time they arrived for their first term, I took a hysterical picture of all the Niamey cousins in dress ups, so since they were already appropriately attired, I couldn't resist repeating the picture theme. It is so nice to have family back with us again especially as so much of the rest of our mission "family" will be leaving soon for vacations or home assignment times! Welcome Back Kevin and Krista! :)

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  1. I was thinking it was just about the time for their arrival...and man does this picture ever show how much they've all grown and changed! It's funny - Kay's placement directly in front of the fan kind of makes her look like English know the queens that had those big fan looking capes behind their necks. :) I know the cousins must be thrilled to be back together again!