Friday, May 1, 2009

The King's Fair

Sahel Academy's student council does a really great job planning fun things for the student body and community to do. Last night was one of this year's big events: a medieval fair! As usual, stuco went all out with decorations, turning the campus into a real fairground complete with ramparts and walls. We paid our "taxes" and enjoyed a feast as well as attended a play, enjoyed the jester and had fun at numerous booths. Among other things, our two princesses and one dragon slew several other dragons (they were not related!), stormed a castle, rode the king's steed, passed the requirements for being crowned princesses, looted treasure chests, and participated in water torture. I was disappointed that Tom didn't win an award in the fashion show for his dragon costume, until I learned the prizes were live chickens! Phew! We dodged a bullet or should I say a sword!? Much fun was had by all! Included here are pictures of Heidi the Princess and her classmate, Sara, Tom the dragon and his friend Ethan the knight. They had fun in combat. (Note Tom's fire-y breath!) Kay is pictured "slaying" the dragon (with darts). Heidi gloating over Dad in the stocks. Tom has spent the day today killing off ants with his newly acquired sword. He still insists he is a dragon though, not a knight. I guess the sword is loot from one of the knights he defeated in combat?


  1. Wow! Looks like a blast...what kind of medieval food did you get to eat?

  2. i was so hoping tom would win... and thought he should have (not just 'cause i wanted to see what you'd do with the chicken, either). ;-)

  3. Hey Beka!

    I'm so happy that you jumped into the world of blogging that I have nominated your blog for the Sisterhood Award! Feel free to pass the love along if you so desire...if not, no worries.

    Here is all you have to do:
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    Love getting to see life in Niger through your eyes.

  4. Yeah...I found your blog!

    What a wonderful Medieval Festival! The kids look great, and it looks like they had soooo much fun!

    Give them all hugs!
    one for you too!!

  5. LOL!!!

    Socks as sweat stoppers...LOVE IT!!

    hmmm....latest invention for Conference??

    Love ya!

  6. Hi there Beka! Love the new blog and the pictures of the kiddos. We miss you guys a ton. I was dreaming of Niger last week and truly hoping for another visit some day. I actually tried to buy Mangoes in Boston....but they were dreadful. Tell the gang we said "Hi"!