Friday, August 13, 2010


The kids are excited to go back to school next week... back to a known schedule, back to friends both old and new to play with, back to new teachers to meet and learn from. Before the new school year starts though, I wanted to post one last thing from last school year: pictures from the Fine Arts Festival.
God has gifted my kids with a LOVE for creating art!! Since they were small they could each be entertained for hours with paper and crayons. They started out drawing me at the ripe old ages of about 4 or 5. None of their talent, such as it is could be traced back to their mother. Their dad's genes were definitely in on that and perhaps some Forsen genes that skipped a generation! They love to draw, paint, color, create, sew... mostly in an orderly fashion (that is where their mom's genes come into play). We have been SO thankful the past few years to have an art teacher at Sahel Academy that has challenged them to think wild, simple, colorful, detailed, classical, practical, yes, even (gasp!) messy and outside-the-lines thoughts in the art room. With her they used paints and pastels, they copied masterpieces and tried their hand at traditional Asian art. They illustrated books and pretended they were cavemen. She is the one that was the champion for the now annual fine arts festival. Hours upon hours of work are represented in the play performed, the music played, and the art of all types hung and displayed around the library for that special weekend. This year when the kids return, Mrs. P-H won't be there. They (and we!) will deeply miss the input she had into their lives. Though from a family that is stuctured from her they learned to be spontaneous. Though Mom cares more about words and books, from her they were encouraged in color and texture. We know that God will use Mrs. P-H elsewhere to challenge and grow more students. We are so thankful that someone new has come to challenge our elementary artists in different ways. But our thankfulness doesn't mean we won't miss Mrs. P-H and her family! Here are pictures of each of our artists at the fine arts festival this past May: Heidi with her art teacher, Mrs. P-H and her Best in Show for 5/6 line drawing. Kay followed by her colorful painted scarecrow. Tom pointing to his "cave drawing" that won an Honorable mention in the Kindergarten age group.

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