Saturday, October 17, 2009

Vacation week

The kids are on break this week and we've had fun doing somethings we don't get to do as often now that they are all in school. We started the weekend with the yearly Niamey softball tournament. Ian was a captain for one of the teams this year. It was fun competition with the scores being very close for just about every game. Ian was disappointed to loose, yet again (0 for 3), to the Sahel team, but still greatly enjoyed the weekend. Since then, we've had several family movie nights, multiple play dates and one sleepover. We've been able to go to the pool a few times as well. We also had a fun SIMAIR night where all three families got together for pizza and then after we retired the kids, the adults got together for games and dessert! For the most part I have stayed home from the office. Next week will be work heavy, so it is a nice lull before the storm of meetings.

Right before let out for school break, the kids had spirit week. Each day they were supposed to dress up as something different. Kay won a prize for her tornado day costume where she dressed up like a tornado using a hula hoop, black material and black streamers. Tom and another classmate won for comfy day; he went in his pjs and took his blankie. From what I could tell, the judges just couldn't pass up the cuteness of kindergartners in their pajamas! My favorite was identity switch day. Tom dressed up like his daddy the pilot- spitting image! And Kay dressed up like the PE teacher- she could have been Coach shrunk down. Heidi also dressed up like fun things, but unfortunately as she has PE first thing 3 days a week, I didn't get to see many of her costumes in their full glory. Her class did win best elementary cheer during the pep rally on the final day though, so the glories were evenly shared.

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