Saturday, April 4, 2009


The girls are finishing up their spring break. One of the things we have been doing together while they are home is watching the Olympics. I know, I know, a bit late! Someone recorded the entire Olympics coverage on dvds for friends of ours and they finally finished watching them and passed them on to us just in time for vacation! The kids have LOVED watching! Mezmorized in fact.
Tom wants every team identified. Due to his lack of geography knowledge, it has been easier to identify teams with people. Amazing how many countries we can associate with people! We have Grandpa's team (US)and Grammy and Papa's team (Romania), Uncle Ed and Aunt Linda's team (Canada), Reuben and Jared's team (Australia), and the list goes on... Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, New Zealand, Japan, China, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nigeria ... each country is associated with someone he knows and loves. I've come to realize again what a big world our children have been exposed to as a result of our coming overseas. I love that they have faces of real people to match with name on a map. Obviously, like the real event, our dvds have been heavy on water sports at first. As a result, our pool times this break have been full of IM attemps and backstroke starts. Heidi even put out one leg of a pretty decent butterfly attempt! Kay has taken up diving. Tom is even swimming "laps" back and forth the width of the pool, but my favorite reaction of his was his imitation of Micheal Phelps after the come from behind win of the men's relay team. This imitation (complete with no shirt) left us all in stiches (right). It has been fun seeing their interest and understanding of sports expand through watching. They are discovering sports they never heard of before, learning rules, and watching how people win and lose. All of these things we have less opportunity to watch/participate in here, so it is nice they get the opportunity. Now the synco diving is on, and then we are headed to the pool again, so I had better run! :)


  1. Yeah...Tom Time! Funny Picture of him. Sounds like you've had fun with those Olympics. If you had waited any longer it might have been time for the next set of Olympics. :)

  2. Yeah.... she's really up and bloggin'!

    Loved the photo of Tom!

  3. tom is a ham. no two ways about it. he loves to pose. the night after this picture i wanted to take another picture of him and he was very insistant that he take off his shirt. guess it is his new photo look...

  4. Well done, Beka. By the way, your email address isn't visible to me (nor I assume to any of your readers).